Ashig Talib


Ashig Talib is the son of Ashig Alasgar. He was born in 1877 in Agkilsa village of Goycha district.

Ashig Talib grew up in the art of ashugism and mastered it in the house where he grew up, next to his father. He memorized the works of famous ashugs, folk epics, almost anchovies, starting from Gurbani to the present day. Although Ashig Talib was illiterate, he had a very sharp memory.

Ashig Talib's contribution to the emergence of Ashig Alasgar's literary heritage is invaluable. He shared interesting memories about the reasons for reciting individual poems, which form the basis of legends about the great artist.

Ashig Talib was also a skilled rancher. In the spring and summer, he was engaged in sowing and other economic activities.

The obtained poems of Ashig Talib show his poetic ability. This very humble folk singer did not sing his poems at meetings, as they say, he did not try to show his poetry.

Ashig Talib died in 1979 at the age of 102. Ashig Talib has the following poems on folklore.

Aşıq Talıb. Könlüm Vətən arzular. Bakı, “Elm və təhsil”, 2013.pdf

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