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Alasgarli village is a village in the administrative unit of the same name in Shamkir district. The village is located on the banks of the Zayam River, at the foot of the Lesser Caucasus Range. After the settlement of the population, mainly from Goycha district, in 1988, it was proposed to change the existing name of the village Badakend and rename it Alasgarli in honor of the great master of rhetoric Ashig Alasgar.

In 1990, the village was renamed Alasgarli in honor of Ashig Alasgar. Memorial is my toponym.

Source: "Encyclopedic dictionary of toponyms of Azerbaijan". In two volumes. I cild. Baku, “East-West”, 2007. p.427

Ashig Alasgar Street - a street in the Khatai district of Baku. The street is named after the master ashug of Azerbaijan Ashig Alasgar.

The street was overhauled in 2015.

Ashig Alasgar Street intersects with the Ukrainian circle. Istek Primary International School, Pluto Wedding Palace, East-West Publishing House and other important facilities are located on this street.

Source: "Azerbaijan" newspaper, December 29, 2015

Secondary school No. 36 named after Ashig Alasgar is a secondary school operating in Ganja. The school currently has 730 students. The director of the school is Mammadova Sadagat Firuddin gizi.

The school is located at 42 "Abul Ula Ganjavi Street", Kapaz district of Ganja city.

House of Culture named after Ashig Alasgar operates in Baku.